Our Team

Scott HarrisFounder and Managing Director  Scott and Pure - Copy
Scott has an exceptionally strong commitment to service within the community.  During his 23 years in the Queensland Police Service he has developed an comprehensive suite of skills including organisational change management, project management, strategic HR, capital works, leadership, negotiation and public speaking.

Most recently, Scott undertook the role of Business Engagement Manager for the G20 where he built resilience and developed solid and lasting relationships within the Australian Business Community. He has a unique ability to add value and ethics to a project of any scale though exceptional leadership and stakeholder engagement.

Scott has always had a considerable interest in fitness and health. Scott’s vision for a world free from obesity created by positive cultures and behavioural change has expanded into a passion to help businesses become more profitable while supporting their most valuable asset, their employees, to be healthier and consequently more productive.

Tim DougeAllied Health Director and co-owner.
Tim is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist with a background in elite sports and business management. His experience spans across 6years of health care management in a variety of industries including; aged care, primary health care, rehabilitation and organisational health. Tim has a passion for helping businesses develop strong health cultures which have long term benefits for the employee and the organisation. He is responsible engaging with businesses to coordinate the delivery of allied health services across the organisation.

The Service Team
Our services are provider by a team of allied health and medical experts including GP’s, exercise physiologists, psychologists and dietitians. Our professionals are located throughout Queensland which allows us to provide local services to local businesses and extend the scope of our service delivery.