Our Vision       To work towards a world without obesity.

Our Mission   To create a culture and environment that motivates and inspires fit and healthy lifestyles.

Our Story

January 2014. Founder, Scott Harris had a random idea about creating partnerships to ‘Put Obesity on the Endangered List’ – an idea that led to the creation of Fully Fit Feb only one month later.

Feb 2014. Fully Fit Feb (28 day active lifestyle challenge raising funds for partnering charities) successfully launched.

July 2014. Fully Fit Forever idea developed.

October 2014. Fully Fit Forever created

January 2015. Fully Fit Feb and Fully Fit Forever Websites created

Feb 2015. Fully Fit Feb 2015 successfully run – 165 paid participants.

Feb 2015. Scott partnered with Tim Douge (Exercise Physiologist) for Fully Fit Forever

Feb 2015. Fully Fit Forever Workplace Wellbeing launched

March 2015. Fully Fit Furniture Launched

Fully Fit Forever is squarely aimed at developing healthy and active workplaces and lifestyles FOREVER.

In Australia, it is well documented that our waist lines are increasing and our health, as a result, is deteriorating. Being overweight increases the likelihood of developing chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Obesity is a killer! This is just the beginning when it comes to the impact of health on our workplace health and productivity. Research highlights that;
– 3.5million workers are suffering from depression
– 30% of workers have some form of low back pain
– $61billion dollars is spent on obesity related health issues per year
– $14.8billion dollars of lost productivity through stress related absenteeism

Fully Fit Forever is proud to support partnering not for profits, including beyondblue, through alignment with Fully Fit Feb, an annual 28 day health and fitness challenge raising funds and awareness for a number of wonderful community and organisational based programs aimed at changing behaviours!

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