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Company Wellness Process Analysis (Corporate Health Check)
Fully Fit Forever is the only corporate health company that will not only assess the individual health risks of your employees but also the current state of your business in relation to it’s readiness to change.
This includes an evaluation of the physical environment, wellness culture and management engagement. Without a positive change in these three areas a corporate health intervention cannot succeed.

Individual Health Checks
The Australian government has identified seven key risk areas for employee health; smoking, alcohol intake, physical activity, obesity, nutrition, stress and fatigue.
Fully Fit Forever not only measures these risk factors but assesses the behavioural status of the employee and develops individual action plans for positive change.

Program Design and Delivery
Our team will work with you to develop the most effective program for your workplace. This may involve strategising with CEO’s or COO’s, building management and catering companies. We can also design appropriate behaviour interventions to target the identified health risks, this may include onsite education, group physical activity and change management psychology. All of these factors will be combined with targeted communication throughout the company to facilitate investment in a new and healthy culture.